Comparing people to snow.. Hell why not! 

Have you ever layed on the ground in the winter while it was snowing and just let the snow fall down on you and pile on you? I don’t know to me there’s something beautiful about it.

I’m told I’m weird because as soon as it snows I rush out side and either snap some pictures of it or let it land on my tongue or on my body.

Snowflakes are so beautiful. They’re unique and all different from one another. Broke or whole the snowflakes still fall from the sky together.

I mean think about it, it takes more then one snow flake to make a whole city covered in snow. It’s takes more then one snowflake to make that beautiful white blanket that some of us love, and some of us hate. But my point is, it takes more then one snowflake to make a blanket of snow and to make a differnce and to be visible. So maybe we as people should learn from snowflakes, as oddly as that sounds, it takes more then one person to make a differnce, and to make something beautiful.. 

Idk that’s just my late night thought as I lay here and watch the snow fall.

Cowgirls dont cry.

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“My horse has saved me in ways no one could imagine”

The 4 years i had with this horse were the best 4 years of my life. I learned and loved so much. She was the most patient, kind, loving, gentle, passionate, silly, 1000 pound creature i have ever met. She loved me in way i know i will never be loved again. And i know this might sound silly to you people who have never owned a horse but to you that have i hope you can relate or some day you’ll find that horse. I cant tell you the amount of times i cried on this horse and just buried my head and bawled my eyes out in her mane and she stood there and it almost felt like she was holding me. Not one time can i remember her walking away from me when i was upset. She was there when know one else was. She was there when life got to hard to handle. She carried me through some tough times. And i love her and appreciate her so much for that.

Its been almost 2 years since i lost you and i still miss you like crazy. I still wish i could go out and hug you and just talk to you when im upset.. but i cant. Although I’m glad i still have ginger but there is nothing like you’re first horse and you’re a horse i will never ever forget. Rest in peace Molly ❤

The Pregnancy Project..

So i watched this movie on Netflix today called the “Pregnancy Project”. If you haven’t watched it yet i suggest you do, and don’t read this until after you watch it. And if you’ve already seen it skip my summary of the movie and go to my opinion!

So this movie was about a girl who for her senior project pretended to be pregnant. You might be asking why, why would someone in high school pretend to be pregnant? Gabby was a straight A, honor student. Her mom got pregnant at 15, her sister at 16 and her brother became a dad at 17. So gabby was bound to get pregnant young right? At least that’s what everybody thought. Her brother didn’t like her boyfriend George because he thought she could do better and didn’t want her getting pregnant young, typical big brother. But again why pretend to be pregnant and ruin your senior year?? Well gabby wanted to see what life was like for a pregnant teen and how different people would treat her.

Nobody knew gabby was pretending to be pregnant except her mom, boyfriend, best friend, principle and the teacher who was grading the project. Everybody else thought she was really pregnant.

So Gabby pretended to be pregnant for about 8 months. Her best friend and boyfriend and herself kept journals of what people said about her. People said so many bad things about her. Soooo many. Her project started off being about teen pregnancy and how pregnant teens were treated. But it really ended up being about stereotypes and how people really treated them.

Gabby wasnt even really pregnant but because she was “pregnant” she was going know where in life, ruined her life, was irresponsible, immature, and blah blah blah. But look at how people treated her when they thought she was.

At the end of the movie she gave a presentation to the whole school where she announced that she faked the whole thing. Yeah people were mad at her but she proved a point.

This movie opened my eyes and honestly reminded me what kind of world we live in.. One that instead of helping mothers, teen or adult, we judge them and shove them to the curb. We call them sluts, and whores, or any other name we can think of. Its so sad that even if a young girl gets raped and decides to keep the baby shes a whore and stupid and nasty and blah blah blah. Think about how strong that girl is though, that child is going to remind her of that day every time she looks at it whether she knows it or not. That is so unselfish of her to bring a child into this world, especially one so unplanned and that caused so much pain.

I hate the fact that people look at teenage moms as not fit mothers. Granted there are some, and it definitely does make life harder but instead of degrading them we should support them, that is a child they are bringing into this world. 

Another things is, high school. In this movies even the teachers are saying bad things about gabby and degrading her. Really?.. I know some teachers who would of done the exact same thing. Its horrible honestly. Kids and teachers are so cruel in school, and i know that from experience. 

Whether or not its you or someone you know, don’t judge or degraded someone for being pregnant. I don’t care if they’re 15 or 40. Its their responsibility, their life. Not yours. So they don’t need your negative input.


And that concludes my rant for tonight..


Boring stuff about me..

So let me start this out by telling you about myself. My name is Marisa. Im 19 years old and am from the state that looks like a mitten. Im horrible at writing these things, so im not going to spend to much time on it.

A few things you need to know are:

  1. Im very outspoken sometimes, but I have a very strong opinion. You’ll get to know that if you read my blogs or get to know me.
  2. I’m a very friendly person and will do almost anything for someone i love, even if im miserable doing it. Why that matters to you i dont know.
  3. I wont judge you. I know what it feels like, trust me.
  4. I honestly dont know why any of this matters to you, so if youre still reading this thanks, or you just have no life like me. Either way i promise i wont always be this boring.

Im going to stop writing this now and write something important. If you have any questions, concerns, rude comments, dont be afraid to message me. Or if you need a friend im. Okay bye.